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Member Materials for RPR

This short 2-min video shows REALTORS® how Realtors Property Resource® will benefit their business.

Below are lesson plans that introduce new REALTORS® to the power of RPR. Depending on how much time is available, we have two options: the 10 min version is the quick overview, while the 30-min overview is a deeper dive into the RPR platform. We’ve also included links to our ‘on-demand’ video learning, as well as MyRPR Use Cases, in case you would like additional content to show new members.

Resources for new members

The resources below are geared towards the new REALTOR®. We have flyers that further explain RPR to the new member, as well as describe how RPR has tools specifically for their specialty. We’ve also included a link to our training resources. Show these to new members so they know where they can find RPR training.

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